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The First 3-Wheel Electric Scooter designed for young kids
The Pulse Safe Start® 3-Wheel Electric Scooter is for the little kid with big kid dreams. Ready to take outdoor playtime to the next level.
Motivating Learning
Building Coordination
A scooter like no other. Designed for the next stage in a child’s development, kids ages 3+ will learn hand-eye coordination, balance, and confidence all while having fun. The large deck offers plenty of room for comfortable foot positioning, three large smooth rolling urethane wheels provide stability, easy-control handlebars protect your child from over turning; and a safe, push-button control smoothly accelerates without forcing your child backward.
Pick Your Favorite
Bold and bright from every angle, the Pulse Safe Start® features a large selection of character scooters your child will love.
Awesome Features
Designed from the ground up
Tech specs
Kids play more, Parents worry less
We engineered the Pulse Safe Start® with safety in mind. One push, Safe Start button, steering limiter, wide track, low stance, and deck stability.
Safety feature 1
Safe Start
Smooth take-off
Ideal for young riders, our push button throttle gently starts the motor to reach comfortable driving speed. This patent pending innovation prevents a sudden jolt that could potentially destabilize young kids learning to ride.
Safety feature 2
Easy to Control
Safe maneuverability
The steering range and turn radius is controlled precisely so that young or inexperienced riders are prevented from over-steering into an unstable position. Their weight remains safely balanced within the triangular center of the three wheels.
Safety feature 3
Wide Track
Improved stability and ride
The wide front wheelbase is balanced perfectly with the overall deck shape to give maximum stability with every turn. Riders won’t tip over, as deck and handles are always safely between the front wheels during operation.
Safety feature 4
Low Stance
Stable, low center of gravity
We’ve maintained the comfortable low deck height of push scooters, not only making getting on and off safer, but also making it easier to ride and maneuver.
Safety feature 5
Deck Stability
Large deck for comfortable foot positioning
Young riders often prefer to stand facing forward with both feet together. Our wide deck accommodates that, and, many other foot positions. Our intuitive top grip surface provides a safe non-slip foot bed to keep little fit from slipping off while riding.